About me

Me as a rather exhausted dad of new baby girl.

We all have hundreds of reasons for not being creative and I could list several that are probably more important, such as working (mostly with trees) or looking for work, looking after my family, animals and keeping a house and garden under control. This blog won't be about those issues, we have other blogs elsewhere connected with work and the allotment we run on permaculture principles. The main reason this blog came about was to give me the incentive and the push to actually paint more. Hopefully I won't spend my painting time blogging though; a balance must be struck.

As you will discover, I've been drawing for ever and painting seriously since the early 90s when I was living and working as a teacher in Zimbabwe. I was lucky to have time, few distractions and a reasonable art supplies shop where I could get my materials (at a price mind). When I returned to live in Devon and then eventually up here in the North East of England I found reasons to stop painting, mainly excuses - if I'm honest. Really, I was just researching!

Gentle nagging and positive encouragement forced me to reassess my painting interest. Whenever we looked in galleries - which we do often - I would sometimes say, "well I could do something like that." My wife would answer with, "I know. So what's stopping you?" and all the reasons would flood out, including the myth that you need the right moment and you can't just dabble... Well, actually, you can dabble and if you wait for the moment it could be a long wait. Over the years I've accumulated a fairly comprehensive collection of materials rather than an overwhelming one. My most recent addition being a more sturdy easel and new oils. That won't make you a better painter, but it does make it a bit easier. Apart from that there is no studio, but oh I wish I did have a dedicated room, so instead I have to share the dining room  - without annoying the rest of the family. Hopefully, the end result justifies the effort.

As a viewer I'm not particularly critical and I like art that some might consider hopelessly unfashionable or lacking. I'm especially attracted to maritime themes, interiors and paintings in the romantic tradition, but also the great classical artists including Titian, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Turner, as well as Dufy and the Mogul artists of India. Another niche passion is the artists of Russia who I think are under-regarded. Of contemporary painters there are some current favourites on my Links page.

As an artist, although I use quite a few mediums, I have a more limited range of subjects; mainly portraits, landscapes and maritime themes. I would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to do still lifes and animal portraits. It's not my thing and there are exceptional ones I love, but apart from their value when learning I wouldn't want to look at them on my walls. You won't find any here. Sorry.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and let me know which paintings you like - if any.

Some of these paintings are available as prints. Contact me if you want more information.


  1. David! I got here at last and so glad I did! I loved every word of this, really interesting, really compelling, every bit of it. It's always great to put a story with the faces I'm used to seeing and I like yours very much indeed :)

    1. Thanks Jane; very encouraging as ever.

  2. Not at all! I can't help it, even better, I can't lie! :)